Would You Propose This Leap Year?

What do you think about leap year proposals? The traditional time for women to propose only comes around once every four years (on the 29th February) but we don’t see why women shouldn’t be proposing more often in this day and age. The 12th century tradition began in Ireland where women were supposedly allowed to propose marriage as they believed this balanced out the traditional roles of men and women. According to folklore tradition, if a woman's proposal was rejected, the man had to buy her 12 pairs of gloves to hide her hand from the embarrassment of not wearing an engagement ring. Things have thankfully changed and more women are taking the plunge and proposing. We have made wedding bands for women to give to their loved ones but watches and/or cufflinks are also a popular choice. What do you think? Would you get down on one knee on the 29th or would you prefer for your partner to ask you?  

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