Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

We recently created a beautiful three stone diamond engagement ring for one of our customers who is based in Paris. Three stone rings are a timeless design and we are seeing more and more of them in the last year largely due to their symbolism and significance. The three stone diamond engagement ring design was originally created by DeBeers and the three diamonds are said to symbolize the past, present and future love. The stone that represents the present is always the biggest and is placed in the center of the three stones. The smaller stones that surround the middle one represent the past and future. Alternatively, the three stones can also symbolize friendship, love and fidelity. The three stone engagement rings allows you to be a little bit more creative and you can mix and match the side stones with gemstones rather than just diamonds. Our customer Sylvain knew that he wanted a three stone engagement ring for his now fiancée and that platinum was her metal of choice. We sourced this beautiful oval cut centre stone (1.27ct) and paired it with two trillion cut diamond side stones (0.18ct each) before setting all three stones into a platinum band. It is always such a treat working with beautiful stones (and great clients!) and I fell in love with the centre diamond and was delighted with how it looked in the finished ring. We are of course very happy to say that Slyvain received a “oui” for his proposal and wish them the best of luck with their Parisian wedding later this year. three stone diamond engagement ring  

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