• The Largest Diamond Ever Found in Angola

    The Largest Diamond Ever Found in Angola

    It’s fair to say that we see plenty of diamonds on a daily basis. They never fail to delight but sometimes you hear of a diamond that is a little larger than the ones we use in our engagement rings. Just two weeks ago a diamond weighing in excess of 400ct was mined in Angola. This incredible stone measures three inches and is virtually...
  • Would You Propose This Leap Year?

    Would You Propose This Leap Year?

    What do you think about leap year proposals? The traditional time for women to propose only comes around once every four years (on the 29th February) but we don’t see why women shouldn’t be proposing more often in this day and age. The 12th century tradition began in Ireland where women were supposedly allowed to propose marriage as they believed this balanced out the...
  • Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

    Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

    We recently created a beautiful three stone diamond engagement ring for one of our customers who is based in Paris. Three stone rings are a timeless design and we are seeing more and more of them in the last year largely due to their symbolism and significance. The three stone diamond engagement ring design was originally created by DeBeers and the three diamonds are...
  • Heart Shaped Jewellery

    Heart Shaped Jewellery

    What are your thoughts on heart shaped jewellery? Lady Gaga started a trend last year when she debuted her huge heart shaped diamond engagement ring on her Instagram account. Since then various imitations have popped up we think a lot of them can end up looking... well... a bit naff. Heart shaped jewellery, when done properly, can be one of the most beautiful and romantic pieces...
  • Our Latest Engagement Rings

    Our Latest Engagement Rings

    Working with a couple to create an engagement ring is one of the most special parts about our company. We have been so lucky recently to meet some wonderful people who are so happy and excited to start the process of creating their engagement ring. We have worked with diamonds, morganite, sapphires and a very special fancy yellow diamond to create a wide variety...
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