Our Latest Engagement Rings

Working with a couple to create an engagement ring is one of the most special parts about our company. We have been so lucky recently to meet some wonderful people who are so happy and excited to start the process of creating their engagement ring. We have worked with diamonds, morganite, sapphires and a very special fancy yellow diamond to create a wide variety of designs. Rose gold also seems to be very popular and its lovely warm glow works especially well with morganite. It’s also good to remember that having a ring custom made for you doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive. We work within a wide range of budgets so please don’t feel overwhelmed. We are always happy to answer any questions you have regarding the engagement ring process and Neil, our Head Jeweller, honed his craft at Tiffany & Co and DeBeers so is an expert in all things that sparkle! diamond solitaire engagement ringyellow diamond engagement ring

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