Heart Shaped Jewellery

What are your thoughts on heart shaped jewellery? Lady Gaga started a trend last year when she debuted her huge heart shaped diamond engagement ring on her Instagram account. Since then various imitations have popped up we think a lot of them can end up looking... well... a bit naff. Heart shaped jewellery, when done properly, can be one of the most beautiful and romantic pieces of jewellery. Think rose gold, think diamonds combined with a centre stone of morganite and you have something very special indeed. One recent customer, based in Cape Town, contacted us looking to create a heart shaped ring to celebrate the impending arrival of her twins.  She knew she wanted morganite as the centre stone and we organised for her to send us twelve of her own diamonds to add to the ring. Rose gold is the perfect metal to compliment morganite and combined with the diamonds we think the end result was pretty special. What do you think? Will you be creating a heart shaped piece of jewellery in the future?  

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