While most diamonds can be beautiful to look at there are some incredibly rare stones which have a special story to them. One such stone is “The Graff Pink” which, at the time, was the most expensive diamond ever sold at auction and sold for a whopping $47m. The Director of the International Jewellery Department at Sotheby's said of the stone "I cannot exaggerate just how rare this stone is. This sale is one of the most exciting of my 35-year career. It is one of the most desirable diamonds ever to come to auction, and its beauty has haunted me since the very first time I set eyes on it some years ago. London jeweller Laurence Graff bought the 24.78-carat "fancy intense pink" diamond. He was captivated by the weight and colour of the stone but knew that with a little work there lay a greater potential. The diamond displayed twenty five natural flaws and with extreme care the Graff master cutters set about removing them. This is an incredibly risky job and not for the faint hearted as with one wrong move the diamond could shatter. The colour clarity of the stone was also increased and after weeks of painstaking work the stone was released from the cutters wheel and the results were incredible. In celebration of the stone’s new colour and clarity it was renamed “The Graff Pink” – the most fabulous pink diamond in the world. pink diamond engagement rings Credit:

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