The Largest Diamond Ever Found in Angola

It’s fair to say that we see plenty of diamonds on a daily basis. They never fail to delight but sometimes you hear of a diamond that is a little larger than the ones we use in our engagement rings. Just two weeks ago a diamond weighing in excess of 400ct was mined in Angola. This incredible stone measures three inches and is virtually flawless. It is alleged to be the largest diamond ever mined in Angola and the 27th largest diamond in the world. Incredibly it still pales in comparison with the 1,111-carat diamond worth around £25million that was discovered in Botswana last year, the second largest ever found. This incredible stone will be sold later this year so if you have a spare $20m and fancy a ring a little larger than Mariah Carey’s new engagement ring then this could be your moment…… *Photo Credit: Lucapa Diamond Company

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