Semi Precious Stones

We’ve always loved semi precious stones and last year we decided to incorporate them into our first ring collection. We wanted the rings to complement our existing pieces of sterling silver jewellery and to add a splash of colour to the collection. We created large oval and small round rings each with specially chosen semi precious stones. We originally worked with Amethyst, Blue and Pink Topaz, Garnet, Peridot and Rhodolite stones but more recently we’ve worked with precious stones such as Emeralds and Rubies (my favourite!) People also bring their own semi/precious stones to us, which have been passed down in generations and ask us to bring them to life again in a new piece of jewellery. Semi precious stones are used as gifts for wedding anniversaries and if you are lucky enough to be born in July then the beautiful Ruby is your birthstone (even luckier are people born in April who should receive a diamond!) You can view our full collection of semi precious rings here: FULL COLLECTION

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