The Beautiful Emerald Ring

May’s birthstone is the Emerald which made us think about all the beautiful precious stones there are. Do you have a favourite precious stone? If so, is it based on the colour of the stone or because it’s part of a piece of jewellery that has special meaning to you? Emeralds have always been one of my favourites. I love the beautiful colour and it has such a rich history. It’s also (unfortunately for me) pretty expensive. Carat for carat, a fine emerald may be two to three times more expensive than a diamond. We were recently asked to create an Emerald ring for one of our customers and I think it looks absolutely beautiful. The stone is a gorgeous deep green and the simplicity of the setting shows it off perfectly. The largest emerald in the world belonged to Cleopatra who was known for her love of the stone. The "Cleopatra Emerald" has been described as 97 carats of pure, flawless green the colour of Ireland in the Spring. The stone is thought to be cursed as many of the owners over the years have come to a sticky end and there have been numerous attempts to steal this beautiful stone. Elizabeth Taylor famously received this beautiful Bvlgari Emerald and Diamond necklace as a gift from Richard Burton. After she died her incredible jewellery collection was auctioned and this piece sold for more than $6m. emerald diamond necklace

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