10 Dos and Don'ts to Planning the Perfect Proposal

One of the really special parts of creating engagement rings is hearing about all the different proposal stories. We have been told stories of wonderful proposals surrounded by family and friends, a sunset proposal in an air balloon and a Parisian proposal at the top of the Eiffel Tower. While each proposal is unique in its own way and should reflect both your personalities we thought it might be useful to offer some tips from what we have learnt over the years of making engagement rings. 1. Take time to think about how you would like to propose. We advise against brainstorming the day before you plan to do it as it’s such a special moment in both your lives and needs to be executed well. 2. This is a tricky one but try not to act out of character. You are keeping a big secret from the one person you usually tell everything to. A good idea is to discuss the proposal with one of your best friends who can be the voice of reason and prevent you from blowing the surprise. 3. Think about the location of your proposal. Do you want to get down on bended knee in a place that is special to you both or will the location naturally become special after your proposal. 4. Do you think your fiancée will want her friends and family there? Some brides love to share the big moment with their loved ones and others would prefer to keep the moment between the two of you. If you are in doubt and feel her close friend/s could keep a secret then perhaps run your idea past them first to see what they think. 5. Do you want a professional photographer to capture the moment? Does your fiancée love being the centre of attention or will she feel self-conscious being photographed during this special moment. 6. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself by writing an elaborate proposal speech. Rather keep it short and simple whilst still letting your future bride know how adored she is. 7. We are traditionalists and would definitely suggest getting down on bended knee. It was and still is a form of respect when asking for someone’s hand in marriage. 8. Speak from the heart. There are plenty of proposal stories on the internet but rather than repeating what you have seen or heard, try to make yours unique and personal. 9. Do you want to propose with a ring? Proposing with a beautiful ring is a wonderful idea but it’s also fairly common practice these days for a bride to be part of the design process for her engagement ring so try and think what she would like. 10. Our last piece of advice would be to try not to have a drink to steady your nerves before you propose. We would suggest saving an alcoholic drink to after she says yes! We hope the above tips will help you in planning your perfect proposal. If you would like to view more of our beautiful engagement rings then click here

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