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Gold Locket Pendants

The gold locket has been around for centuries, telling stories of love, loss and allegiance to something other than oneself. Whether you are gifting someone with a locket, or creating a memorable keepsake for yourself, a personalised gold locket is a beautiful piece of jewellery to treasure.

History of the Locket

If you start investigating the history of the locket pendant, you will discover that the locket dates back to the 1400’s.

Some believe that a gold locket pendant dates back to Greek and Roman times, evolving from the amulet, which was a small ornament or piece of jewellery, worn to protect oneself against disease or evil. As time went by, the amulet slowly became either a locket pendant, brooch or ring, symbolising something of importance to the wearer and containing either a lock of hair, photo of a loved one or precious object.

Towards the mid 1600’s, the locket was even a symbol of allegiance to the monarchy! After King Charles 1 was executed, many wore a gold locket pendant with a photo of the late King to show support. This started the trend of wearing a locket in remembrance of a loved one past.

In more recent times, the beautiful personalised locket has become a popular gift for weddings, milestone birthdays, such as a sweet 16 or 21st, as well as a gift for a christening. It’s a deeply sentimental gift, made even more special by capturing a moment in time - the engraved gold locket will hold the name of a loved one, a notable date or the name of a special place for a lifetime.

Types of Lockets

Over the years, personalised locket pendants have come in all shapes and sizes. Starting with the traditional locket which opens up to show a photo, or two, to the more modern floating locket, that holds objects of importance or the gated locket, that holds a ‘swinging gate’ in front of the photo you insert.

At Exclusivity by Design we hold dear to our hearts the timelessly classic 9ct gold locket pendant. These pendants include your personal engraving and come suspended on a 9ct gold chain. Keep reading for more information on our gold locket selection.

Locket Ideas

When it comes to selecting what to place inside your locket or engrave on your gold locket, the options are many, and depend on what your personalised locket is symbol of. Below are a few thoughts to ponder on:

  • Engrave the date of your marriage
  • Engrave the birthdate/s of child/ren
  • Engrave the coordinates of a special location
  • Add a diamond to symoblise each of your children (unique to our lockets)
  • Include a tiny note inside your personalised locket
  • Include the photo of your partner and child inside your locket

Personalised Lockets by Exclusivity by Design

At Exclusivity by Design we specialise in two types of lockets. The heart-shaped 9ct gold locket and the oval-shaped 9ct gold locket. Each of these lockets can be personalised by engraving something of meaning on either the front or back.

Both of our lockets can also be created in either rose or white gold and all come standard with a 50cm 9ct gold chain. The personalised locket can hold two photos on the inside. Should you wish to, you can add a diamond to your locket pendant, for a little extra sparkle!

Heart-Shaped Locket

Here is a view of our heart-shaped 9ct gold locket, worn by Misha Levin, who worked with us to create this beautiful heirloom piece of jewellery.

Oval-Shaped Locket

Each of our very personalised lockets are created with the intention of becoming a much treasured piece of bespoke jewellery to the wearer. Our oval-shaped locket is a thoughtful keepsake that can be engraved as you wish. Below is a view of our 9ct gold oval-shaped locket, also created in collaboration with the wonderful Misha Levin.

Oval-Shaped Locket

Purchasing a locket from Exclusivity by Design

At Exclusivity by Design, we pride ourselves in creating personalised gold jewellery to suit every heart's desire. Work with us to create the perfect addition to your jewellery collection, or gift for a loved one.

View the heart-shaped 9ct gold locket here.

View the oval-shaped 9ct gold locket here.

OR send an email to heather@exclusivitybydesign.com and let’s chat about how we can customise your gold locket further and make it even more memorable.

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