The Personal Connection

custom jewellery, personalised jewellery If you follow our Facebook and Instagram pages you may have realised by now that creating personalised, custom-made jewellery is our passion. Jewellery that is specifically created for one person is known as custom jewellery and we have discovered that more and more women are looking to create a piece of jewellery that is meaningful to them. Whether it’s the initial of a loved one or a date that means something to them, women are wanting a personal connection to their jewellery. It’s little wonder bespoke jewellery is becoming more popular. “Custom and customized jewellery is very hot right now,” Karen Giberson, president of the Accessories Council in New York, said, “and we see it continuing. It appeals to the desire for something unique, individual and thoughtful.” One of our most popular pieces of custom made jewellery is our 9ct Gold and Diamond Initial Pendant which we create for women to celebrate their child’s or their own initial. It’s understated enough to be worn everyday but with the initial set in diamonds it’s beautiful enough to be worn on special occasions. personalised jewellery personalised jewellery Jewellery can also be a beautiful way of creating something tangible for women who have suffered loss and a handprint pendant, for example, to remember their lost loved one can be incredibly special and provide a glimmer of light through dark times. personalised jewellery Your story is unique and we work hard to ensure that everything we put into your piece of jewellery reflects that. As each item is custom made in our workshop you can personally choose your metal colour, your disc size and chain length. Nothing is set in stone and you are able to make the design as personal to you as possible. personalised jewellery Exclusivity by Design isn’t just about creating beautiful jewellery. It’s is about connection: love made tangible, created by you. If you would like a custom made piece of jewellery creating we would love to help you. Please send an email to and we will be in touch.

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