Add Sparkling Diamonds to your Personalised Jewellery Collection

The line ‘diamonds are a girl's best friend’ originated from a jazz song written for a broadway show in 1949 - and while perhaps not accurate for each and every individual, they certainly add an extra special shimmer to our lives, especially when paired with spectacular personalised jewellery.

Diamond Jewellery

A Brief History on Diamonds in South Africa

The first diamond found in South Africa, was discovered in 1867 by Erasmus Jacobs - a 15 year-old boy, at the time, he did not know what he had just uncovered. This diamond would later be named the Eureka diamond, weighing in at an astounding 21.25 carats. The stone was later cut down to a cushion cut diamond of 10.73 carats.

Diamonds today 

Today, diamonds adorn many items of jewellery from rings to necklaces, bracelets to tiara’s! At Exclusivity by Design, we are fortunate enough to come across a variety of diamonds, ranging in clarity, weight and colour, and just love creating personalised jewellery for our clients from diamond rings, to diamond necklaces, bracelets and more.


Sourcing Diamonds for our Personalised Jewellery

The diamond industry is quite unique in that it is one of the few industries in the world that has a self-regulatory system to hold itself to ethical standards. This is known as the ‘Kimberley Process’ and was created to ensure transparency within the diamond trade.

At Exclusivity by Design we source our diamonds from two local diamond dealers who are based in Parktown North. These two companies go beyond the Kimberley Process and track every diamond from mine to their premises to ensure they come from verifiably ethical and environmentally sound sources.


Creating Personalised Jewellery with Diamonds 

As you know, each piece of personalised jewellery at Exclusivity by Design is carefully conceptualised and tested before it is put out to market. Personalised jewellery in South Africa, and particularly personalised jewellery online has grown substantially, and we pride ourselves in creating bespoke pieces such as necklaces, pendants, rings and bracelets that speak to our clientele in a unique and memorable way. Jewellery tells a personal story and diamond jewellery can often tell the most special story of all.


Taking a Look at our Personalised Diamond Jewellery Collection 

When searching for the perfect diamond jewellery piece, it’s essential that you are fully satisfied with your selection. Our range of beautifully handcrafted 9ct gold jewellery is sure to get you excited - should you not see exactly what you had in mind, let’s chat! We love to create personalised jewellery for our clients based on their specific jewellery request.


The Exclusivity by Design Diamond Jewellery Range 

Let’s take a look at the range of personalised jewellery which incorporate diamonds, available on the Exclusivity by Design website.


Personalised Diamond Jewellery - Necklaces 

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The 9ct Gold and Diamond Personalised Mila Initial Necklace

The Mila Necklace is a delicate piece of personalised jewellery. Solid gold initials are set with round brilliant diamonds and suspended on a gold chain. The Mila Necklace is a very popular piece in our personalised jewellery collection, and this diamond necklace alternative is fast catching up!

View the personalised Mila Diamond Necklace.

Mila Diamond Necklace

The 9ct Gold and Diamond Horizontal Cross Necklace

This solid 9ct gold cross necklace set with round brilliant diamonds, is a must-have for your diamond jewellery collection! The cross itself is 11.5mm in width and 16mm in length - the perfect size to layer with your other Exclusivity by Design personalised jewellery pieces. (If you’re looking for a solid gold cross, no diamonds, click here.)

View the gold and diamond horizontal cross necklace.


Gold and diamond horizontal cross necklace

Personalised Diamond Jewellery - Pendants 

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9ct gold custom engraved disc with diamond initial pendant

Consisting of a 9ct gold engraved disc, custom created with the initial and date of your choice, and a diamond initial charm, using round brilliant diamonds and set in 9ct gold, suspended together on a 45cm gold necklace... this is a jaw dropping delight and a favourite on our online store!

View the custom engraved disc with diamond initial pendant.

Custom engraved disc with diamond initial pendant

9ct Gold and Diamond Stella Pendant

Such a simple piece of personalised jewellery that tells a unique and treasured story to so many. What does the Stella diamond star represent to you?

Our signature handcrafted solid 9ct gold disc is set with one round brilliant diamond in a star shape. An exquisite pendant necklace, waiting for you.

View the gold and diamond Stella pendant necklace.

Gold and diamond Stella pendant necklace


9ct gold and diamond initial disc pendant

Every piece of handcrafted jewellery that leaves our studio is made with love. This is another signature piece from our personalised jewellery collection - you choose the initial that will be made up of brilliant round diamonds on a solid 9ct gold disc, we’ll do the rest. Gently suspended on a gold chain, you can add more pendants to this necklace as you wish. 

View the gold and diamond Initial Disc pendant.

Gold and diamond Initial Disc pendant

9ct gold and diamond mini initial disc pendant

A miniature version of our gold and diamond initial disc pendant, this is a more discreet option and hugely popular, measuring a dainty 10mm in diameter - which diamond necklace would you choose?

View the gold and diamond mini initial disc pendant. 

Mini gold and diamond Initial Disc pendant

9ct Gold and Diamond Initial Pendant

If you could choose one initial to suspend on a personalised necklace, what would it be?

Think it through, and then don’t hesitate to place your order for this beauty. Created with care, this delicate initial pendant is created with 0.015ct round brilliant diamonds and set in 9ct gold. Worn around your neck, this gold necklace is sure to shimmer and shine. 

View the gold and diamond Initial Pendant.

Gold and diamond Initial Pendant


Personalised Diamond Jewellery - Rings

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Personalised Initial Rings

Added to our range in 2021, this piece of personalised jewellery is an initial ring that holds the initials of the one you love, or perhaps the one you’ve loved and lost. Whatever it is - we’re honoured to handcraft this piece of personalised jewellery for you. You have the option of setting a diamond in one ring to stack together, creating an extra special and custom-made piece.

View the personalised jewellery initial ring.

Personalised jewellery initial ring.



We’re so excited to include in our personalised jewellery collection the new Mila Bracelet. The perfect accompaniment to the Mila necklace, this piece of personalised jewellery comes in gold, as well as a diamond option, with the extra option of adding a single diamond to the bracelet. The dainty gold bracelet chain makes for an exquisite piece of gold and diamond jewellery to wear all year round.


While we don’t show all diamond rings handcrafted by Neil, our Goldsmith, we have made many beautiful diamond engagement rings.

If you’d like to get in touch with us for custom personalised diamond jewellery queries, email Heather at

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