Our 9ct Gold Carter Pendant

We often talk about the fact that there is so much more to what we do than just create jewellery. Every day we are lucky enough to speak with women who are expecting their first baby, waiting for the new addition to their growing family or women who are wanting to treat their mom-to-be friend with a beautiful gift. To be able to play a small part in these women’s experiences of pregnancy and birth is such an honour and the fact that our pendants are chosen to mark these beautiful moments will never not be incredibly special to us.

Just over two years ago we collaborated with Misha from the hugely successful Brandslut to create a piece of personalised jewellery that would celebrate her little boy Carter.

Misha knew that she wanted Carter’s name engraved very delicately onto the disc so that people wouldn’t it immediately notice it.  We engraved his name in all lower case where it sits at the bottom of the disc. Throughout the design process our aim was always to create a piece of personalised jewellery that, by wearing it, women could feel always their little ones close to their heart both literally and figuratively.  

carter pendant 

Since we created the first Carter pendant we have gone on to create this special pendant for hundreds of women. We’ve engraved siblings names onto gold discs representing a growing family, set diamonds for little ones that didn’t make it and we love connecting with women and hearing the story behind their personal design.

If you would like to design a Carter pendant of your own or create a piece of personalised jewellery that is unique to you and tells your story we’d love to help you.


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