Behind the Scenes: The 9ct Gold Initial Ring

9ct Gold Initial Ring Creation

This month we’re taking you behind the scenes and exploring just how the 9ct Gold Initial Ring came to be. Every piece of fine jewellery imagined, designed and created at Exclusivity by Design is given careful thought as to who will be wearing it and how it will be worn. We are delighted with the final result of this gold letter ring and excited to share a little more detail with you!

The Concept Behind the Gold Initial Ring

We have always wanted to add another gold ring to our personalised jewellery collection. Our Jackson ring, which is custom engraved with the name of your choice, has become one of our best selling pieces and we receive lots of enquiries asking when we’re going to create another ring. Ultimately the new gold letter ring was created from the demand of our customers.

Why a Gold ‘Letter’ Ring and not a Gemstone Ring or plain Gold Ring

Elegance and simplicity are two words we’ve come to admire when it comes to building our collection of 9ct gold personalised jewellery. The Gold Initial Ring holds the ability of saying more with less, and this is something we’ve fallen in love with whilst creating all of our Exclusivity by Design bespoke pieces. “I personally love that I am able to stack my gold letter rings and hold my treasured family close - one gold ring has my son’s initial, and the other my husband’s initial. I love looking down and seeing them together.” - Heather.

Taking it from a Vision to a piece of 9ct Gold Jewellery 

Bringing the vision of a gold ring to life, always starts with our Goldsmith, Neil. Neil will sketch the initial design of the letter ring, revisiting this sketch with one or two alterations. Once the design is finalised, the gold letter ring is created in 9ct gold. Before we settle on the finished piece of fine jewellery, we begin the task of experimenting with various elements of the design, such as:

  • Band width of the gold ring
  • Dimensions of the gold initials
  • Shape of the gold ring band
  • Shape of the gold letters

The last element to finalising our custom piece of 9ct gold jewellery is it being worn by Heather herself to ensure it fits comfortably, doesn’t twist around and can be worn everyday with no irritation. “Our goal is for the wearer of an Exclusivity by Design piece of fine jewellery to almost forget they are wearing it, as it is that comfortable.” - Heather.

It’s at this point that we are keenly aware the Gold Initial Ring has finally come to life and we can truly start to get excited! 

How Do We Actually Create the New Gold Initial Ring?  

Each gold ring is created in solid 9ct yellow, rose or white gold (we no longer work in sterling silver). We receive the gold as granules and our workshop then melts this down to create a bar of gold. The gold  bar is then rolled flat, at which point we begin the creation of the gold band. To create the band we pull the gold through a machine by hand, to create the band shape which is then formed to create a gold ring.

To create the gold letter, once the gold is rolled flat, we laser cut each gold initial. The reason we use the laser is to ensure that each gold letter is absolutely perfect. The gold initial is then soldered onto the band before being polished and shipped to you, our customers.

In creating this specific piece, the Gold Initial Ring, we really wanted the rings to be delicate and elegant, but at the same time have a little weight behind them so they don’t appear or feel too flimsy.

Time from Vision to Final Fine Jewellery Creation 

The design process for each new piece of gold jewellery that is created by Exclusivity by Design is approximately four weeks. It’s our intention to focus all our energy on pieces of fine jewellery that are going to resonate with our customers and be absolutely perfect. Quality over quantity is our approach to creating fresh pieces of fine gold jewellery. “We have had our Gold Initial Ring idea in our heads for quite some time, so it’s been wonderful to actually create it and see our customer’s warm reaction to it!” - Heather.

9ct Gold Letter Ring

Visit our personalised jewellery page to explore all our gold initial jewellery creations and choose your favourite. We absolutely love working with our clients in creating bespoke pieces of gold jewellery. If you would like to chat to us about a unique piece, let’s chat! Contact Heather on

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