Just in time for Mother’s Day! Our NEW 9ct Gold Personalised Initial Ring.

9ct Gold Personalised Initial Ring

It is our absolute joy to introduce you to the newest 9ct gold jewellery item in our collection - the Personalised Initial Ring. As with every product that we create at Exclusivity by Design, it is a labour of love, with much thought, consideration and care as to who will be wearing it and what it will mean to each and every one of our customers.

This personalised gold letter ring was conceptualised a while back and has been in our studio for some time. We have affectionately crafted the initial ring to perfection - weighing up the best width for the band and the ideal look and feel of the 9ct gold letter. All in order to create a beautiful piece of custom gold jewellery for our customers.

With May just around the corner, Mother’s Day is soon upon us! A day to celebrate those who nurture and love us unconditionally. It’s the perfect time to delve a little deeper into our personalised initial jewellery collection at Exclusivity by Design and select the perfect piece for her to treasure.

Personalised Initial Ring

Our new personalised initial rings are available in solid 9ct gold, and of course, every letter of the alphabet, so you can decide who that special person is you want to cherish and remember with a simple glance of your hand. Designed with the intention of being stacked together, each ring holds one initial of your choice, and you can choose from one, two or even three 9ct gold bands, with the gold initial of the one you love.

If you’re looking to spoil mom with a Mother’s Day gift that is extra unique, pair two 9ct gold initial rings with a simple 9ct gold band that holds a brilliant diamond.

Take note, that we can also create these gorgeous gold letter rings in rose gold and white gold, should you prefer. Once your treasured creation arrives, please take a photo and share it with us on our Instagram page - we love to see how you wear our lovingly created pieces. Find us here: @exclusivitybydesign.

Now that we’ve introduced you to the latest addition in our 9ct gold personalised jewellery collection, let’s take a look at a few of our other personalised initial jewellery items. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation, be it for your partner, your own mom or a mother figure in your life - don’t miss this opportunity to show her how much you care.

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9ct Gold and Diamond Initial Pendant

A beautifully crafted 9ct gold initial pendant, adorned with diamonds for extra sparkle. This delicate personalised initial pendant is created using 0.015ct round brilliant diamonds set in 9ct gold. Select the letter you know the mom in your life will most adore and suspend it on a 9ct gold chain for her to wear close to her heart, always.


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9ct Gold and Diamond Initial Disc Pendant

This signature piece is an all-time favourite amongst our 9ct gold personalised jewellery collection. Fully customisable, the beauty of this piece as a Mother’s Day gift, is the ability for you to add on discs with initials as your family grows. Set in 9ct gold, choose the initial you’d like displayed in round brilliant diamonds.

* This item also comes as a mini initial - click here to view the Personalised mini Initial Disc Pendant.

9ct Gold Custom Engraved Disc with Diamond Initial Pendant

If you are in love with both of the above pieces of gold jewellery and finding it hard to choose - why not have both! This is an exquisite piece of 9ct gold initial jewellery that will become a much treasured piece. The diamond initial pendant and the custom engraved initial disc are suspended on a delicate gold chain that oozes charm.

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Personalised 9ct Gold bar and initial disc pendant

This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the one you love! Celebrating the little ones in your life, this 45cm gold chain holds a 9ct gold bar pendant and 9ct gold initial disc. It is a wonderful way to keep the name of your child close to your heart at all times.

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Whatever you’re looking for our personalised jewellery collection is waiting for you to have a browse. Remember to pair our pendants with the new 9ct gold personalised initial ring, and if you don’t see what you have in mind, we can custom make a piece for you! Please allow some time, as our custom pieces do take longer to create.

9ct Gold initial jewellery is the perfect gift, for yourself, a new mom or someone special in your life. Celebrate those you love this year with personalised jewellery uniquely made for you.

For further information, please contact heather@exclusivitybydesign.com.

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