The Single Solitaire Engagement Ring

Engagement rings, as we all know, come in a variety of different shapes and size. From a pear cut stone to a princess cut solitaire to a heart shaped centre stone. If you are about to start the search for your perfect ring then we suggest a ring that will never (ever!) go out of style – the round brilliant single solitaire. The single solitaire stone is the ultimate classic engagement ring and is a universally popular choice. With the centre stone being the star of the show you can spend your diamond budget on purchasing a bigger stone than other designs might allow (a single large stone is the best investment you can make in diamonds as, over time, a large stone will hold its value better than three smaller stones). A single solitaire is also a symbolic engagement ring - one gemstone to symbolise the union of one couple in their shared lifetime together. single solitaire But don’t think traditional has to mean uninspiring as there are plenty of ways to alter the style to make it more “you”. You can break away from the norm by using a warm metal such as rose gold and the diamond can be swapped for a morganite or a precious gemstone. Unique settings such as a bezel or semi rub over setting can also add a different dimension to your ring and stacking delicate wedding bands alongside your single solitaire diamond can dress your ring up! Our final thought on this beautiful design is that a simple, sparkling diamond will always be in fashion. *Email to receive more information on Exclusivity by Design engagement rings. engagement ring style

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