Why We Love A Knife Edge Design Engagement Ring

We recently created a diamond engagement ring for one of our customers where the band was a platinum knife edge design. A knife edge design is popular for round brilliant diamond engagement rings with its raised edge that runs around the outside of the band. The band style has two smoothly slanted sides that meet at a point which creates a beautiful and classic look. The knife edge design is also referred to as the Tiffany Setting as they were the first to develop this unique style in 1886. Before then diamonds were always set into the band (bezel setting) and this was the first design which elevated it to expose more of the diamond and with it, more shine. With this setting the diamond is almost always set into a four or six claw setting. Some people can find a knife edge design tricky to match a wedding band to. There are matching knife edge wedding bands available which are classic yet beautiful. Alternatively, if you want to add diamonds, then a half or full eternity band can also sit perfectly next to your knife edge engagement ring. What do you think of this design? Personally, it is one of my favourites. It’s not a design that you see every day (some people seem to think it can be uncomfortable but we would disagree with that opinion) and there’s a certain appeal in that. It’s nice to own a ring that strays from the norm a little and the knife edge setting definitely wins points for showing off a diamond as best as possible. I’m also a little biased as this was the design for my own engagement ring  If you would like to enquire about a knife edge design ring or any engagement ring for that matter then please contact us via email: heather@silver-fig.com / 011 453 6989 You can also visit our Instagram page to see more beautiful rings.

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