Halo Style Engagement Rings

Halo style engagement rings are rising in popularity and sit a very close second to the eternally popular single solitaire ring. The halo engagement ring is a setting where a centre stone is surrounded by several much smaller diamonds (often pave set). The centre stone looks as if it wearing a halo hence the name. The halo engagement ring was designed specifically to enhance the brilliance and size of the centre stone. The halo design first appeared in the Georgian era and pearls and coloured gemstones were mainly used as the centre stone and the surrounding stones were only slightly smaller than the centre stone compared to the very small stones that are used today. It was during the 1920’s Art Deco period that saw a resurface in popularity in the halo design and the use of a diamond as a centre stone. This style suited the period’s emphasis on geometry, symmetry, and clean lines. In the last few years this style has become so popular with people even adding a second or third diamond halo around their centre stone. Every circle of diamonds makes the centre stone look bigger and bigger but I have to say that we personally prefer the single halo. There can sometimes be a fine line between looking bigger and losing the original beauty of the ring. Less is definitely sometimes more! Celebrities as always influence our fashion and design choices and Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman and Adriana Lima lead the way with their beautiful halo style engagement rings. Click HERE to visit our Instagram page and see the halo style engagement rings we have created. What do you think? Would you choose this design for your engagement ring?

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