Worldwide Engagement Ring Traditions

Engagement Ring Traditions One of the really fun parts of creating engagement rings for our customers is discovering the different traditions around the world that are connected to this very special piece of jewellery. Whilst many of us wear our engagement ring on our left hand there are some wonderfully different traditions in various countries and these are our favourites:
  • In West Bengal, India, women are given iron bangle bracelets instead of engagement rings.
  • In Chile, it’s not just the woman who receives an engagement ring but the man as well. They are traditionally worn on their right hands but move to their left once they are married.
  • In traditional Hindu cultures, women wear toe rings (known as bichiya) instead of a ring on their finger although some women also choose to wear an engagement ring as well.
engagement ring traditions
  • In certain areas of Argentina couples exchange rings at their engagement but do not receive wedding bands.
  • It’s not as common these days but traditionally the Irish opted for a Claddagh-style engagement ring (a heart held by two hands and topped with a crown). It was worn on the left hand with the crown pointing toward you to symbolise engagement. Once married, the crown is turned away from you.
  • A traditional Thai engagement ceremony is called thong mun. In thong mun, instead of an engagement ring the groom will gift gold jewellery to his fiancée, with both parents, friends, and relatives in attendance. The jewellery is made of 96% pure gold which is made in Thailand in an amount that’s always an odd number.
  • Traditionally in Sweden a couple purchase a plain gold band as an engagement ring for both the man and woman. A second diamond ring is then given to the bride on their wedding day.
  • In Russia an engagement ring isn’t presented at the time of the engagement but rather during the wedding ceremony. Both the man and the women will receive a ring, which is generally a simple yellow gold band, which will be worn on their right hand next to their little finger.
  • In Northern Kenya the Samburu warriors are known for wearing ornate beadings around their neck, with a certain colour reflecting their engagement (usually red). Once married the bride will exchange her necklace for a pair of brass earrings.
Samburu jewellery

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