How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring Style For Your Finger Shape

When you start to try on rings you will soon realise that what looks good in the display cabinet might not look quite as good on your finger. We tend to say that choosing a ring for your finger is similar to choosing the right dress for your figure and it might take a while to find out what suits you best. Here is our guide to finding the perfect engagement ring style for you: If you are not blessed with long slim fingers and they are a little shorter in length then a stone set length ways, such as a marquise cut, can create the illusion of length. This cut of stone can also be less expensive than the traditional round brilliant diamond. We would also suggest steering clear of a very thin band as this can exaggerate the width of your finger. Also make sure that the ring fits comfortably and isn’t too tight as this can also make your finger look bigger than it is. engagement ring style If your hands and fingers are slightly more square in shape, then your fingers could benefit from a little softening. We would suggest staying away from any design that is angular in shape and would say a princess cut stone is a definite no for you. A round brilliant or oval cut stone would work very well. engagement ring style If you have long thin fingers then you can try a more dramatic style ring. A larger stone would definitely work well for you and (before your boyfriend has a heart attack!) you don’t have to be restricted to a diamond as morganite and sapphires are more reasonably priced and can look absolutely beautiful in an engagement ring. A large centre stone with two smaller stones on either side can also look fabulous on long thin fingers. engagement ring style These are of course just guidelines and choosing the perfect engagement ring style is a very personal choice. We are happy to help with any questions that might help you in making your decision:

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