Put A Ring On It

From the moment your partner proposes to walking down the aisle is one of the most special times in your life. The beginning of this journey generally starts with a bit of sparkle in the way of an engagement ring and we are here to help you make sure that the ring you choose is perfect for you. Over the next four weeks we will be bringing you hints, tips, diamond knowledge and ring inspiration so creating your engagement ring is fun, hassle free and won’t leave your boyfriend with an empty wallet! So if you are planning a fairy-tale wedding next year you need to start with the right ring—right now. Of course, not every woman is the same, so we have put together some diamond information and ring designs to suit the style of every soon-to-be-bride. So let’s start off with two of the most classic engagement ring styles. The round brilliant is the quintessential diamond and the most popular stone when looking for an engagement ring. The stone is cut in such a way that it returns the light that enters it giving a wonderful fire and sparkle. Whether you choose to a single stone for simplicity or add diamond baguette side stones is entirely up to you. engagement rings, bespoke, custom made, diamond, exclusivity by design, south african jewellery designer The princess cut is the most popular non round stone and is the most brilliant of all square shapes. Its unique shape with four bevelled sides creates more light dispersion than any other square shaped diamond, making it extremely popular for solitaire engagement rings. It is also very popular for wedding bands as the stones can be set side by side with no gaps. engagement rings, bespoke, custom made, diamond, exclusivity by design, south african jewellery designer If you are interested in having an engagement ring made or would simply like to ask a question, please email: heather@silver-fig.com


  • emma

    Please quote.
    Three stone engagement ring.
    Centre Stone: Best grade aquamarine, round, +/- 6mm.
    Side stones: Diamond, round, 0.25ct.
    Metal: 18ct, yellow gold.

  • Heather Miller

    Hi Emma,

    Thanks so much for your message and I will send you an email now.

    Best wishes

  • Nandi

    Your rings are stunning! I have a design I would like to show you and for your to quote me on, what is the best way to contact you?


  • Heather Miller

    Hi Nandi,

    Thanks so much for your email.

    We would love to help you design a ring. The best thing would be for you to send me an email to heather@silver-fig.com and then we can go from there.

    Best wishes

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