Engagement Ring Cost

How Much Should An Engagement Ring Cost? It’s not every day that your partner decides to get down on one knee and proposes to spend the rest of your lives together. It’s for this very reason that the symbol to represent his occasion, the engagement ring, is of such great importance. Your love for each other is of course what matters most but there is a reason why we wear an engagement ring; to show the world how important your relationship is. And one question that often arises around this piece of jewellery is exactly how much should an engagement ring cost? In the 1930’s DeBeers launched their “A Diamond is Forever” marketing campaign to strengthen the tradition of the engagement ring and to encourage people to buy diamonds during the bad economy. Their advert in the late 1930s suggested spending a month's salary on an engagement ring, and then in the 1980s, that switched to two months' salary because "Isn't two months' salary a small price to pay for something that lasts forever. engagement ring cost But is the two month’s salary suggestion still as valid today? Would a lower priced ring mean just as much to you? We thinking you should feel free to flout tradition and spend whatever you can afford and there shouldn’t be outside pressure from family members or friends to overspend. Once you have a budget in mind there are plenty of ways to make it stretch further than you might initially think. A diamond cut just under 1.00ct or a slightly lower colour or clarity can greatly affect the price of the stone. Changing the centre stone from a diamond to a morganite for example will also help to reduce the cost. At the end of the day you will most likely know what ring style will most suit your future bride and with that in mind we can start to create the perfect ring. If you are interested in booking a consultation please heather@silver-fig.com

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