Engagement Ring Care

When you purchase an engagement ring from Exclusivity by Design we also provide you with information on how to keep your ring looking as perfect as the day you bought it. Over time daily wear and dust can affect the brilliance of your stone. You are always welcome to bring the piece to our workshop where we will clean your engagement ring and check the setting for the security of the stone. In between professional clean we recommend the occasional use of a nonabrasive cleaner for your engagement ring. A mild solution of six parts water to one part ammonia may be applied with a soft cloth or brush. Jewellery with stones other than diamonds may need alternative care. We also recommend removing your engagement ring before applying moisturiser, sun cream etc as excess build up can diminish the brilliance and dull your stone over time. To protect your ring and to ensure a layer of film doesn’t form on it, wait until your hands have completely dried before putting your ring back on. We also suggest removing your ring before swimming as cold water shrinks your fingers meaning your ring could potentially slip off. Chlorine can also have an adverse effect on the metal of the band. Avoiding wearing your ring at the gym would also be one of our tips. Platinum and gold are malleable metals and over time, whether you are spinning or playing tennis, a consistent grip while you have your ring on will bend it. Also, although durable, a diamond can still be chipped. If you would like to make an appointment regarding an engagement ring please email: heather@silver-fig.com Alternatively you can view our engagement ring page here or view our Instagram page here.

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