Beautiful Morganite Engagement Rings

The beautiful Morganite stone is often overlooked by the ever popular diamond for engagement rings but this gemstone, often referred to as the pink emerald, can be a beautiful choice. The first morganite to be described was in 1911, after it was found in California alongside a tourmaline, in a deposit rich in kunzite and other gemstones. Before this point it was known simply as a pink beryl. The renowned gem buyer George Kunz named this beautiful gemstone after his most affluent customer, the banker tycoon and gem enthusiast, John Pierpont Morgan. The largest faceted morganite is a 598.70-carat cushion-shape from Madagascar, which is in the collection of the British Museum. Morganite crystals can be very large, so large faceted stones are more common than with many other gemstones. Larger sizes are also more likely to show strong color. Morganite is said to energise the heart chakra and help love to flow in your life.It can be tricky to find Morganite in your average jewellery stores as it is still relatively uncommon. Exclusivity by Design have a wealth of experience with Morganite and can source stones in various cuts and colors. If you would like a quote on a beautiful Morganite piece of jewellery then please email

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