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Engagement Ring Cost

How Much Should An Engagement Ring Cost?

It’s not every day that your partner decides to get down on one knee and proposes to spend the rest of your lives together. It’s for this very reason that the symbol to represent his occasion, the engagement ring, is of such great importance.

Your love for each other is of course what matters most but there is a reason why we wear an engagement ring; to show the world how important your relationship is. And one question that often arises around this piece of jewellery is exactly how much should an engagement ring cost?

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The Single Solitaire Engagement Ring

Engagement rings, as we all know, come in a variety of different shapes and size. From a pear cut stone to a princess cut solitaire to a heart shaped centre stone.

If you are about to start the search for your perfect ring then we suggest a ring that will never (ever!) go out of style – the round brilliant single solitaire.

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Halo Style Engagement Rings

Halo style engagement rings are rising in popularity and sit a very close second to the eternally popular single solitaire ring.

The halo engagement ring is a setting where a centre stone is surrounded by several much smaller diamonds (often pave set). The centre stone looks as if it wearing a halo hence the name. The halo engagement ring was designed specifically to enhance the brilliance and size of the centre stone.

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Why We Love A Knife Edge Design Engagement Ring

We recently created a diamond engagement ring for one of our customers where the band was a platinum knife edge design.

A knife edge design is popular for round brilliant diamond engagement rings with its raised edge that runs around the outside of the band. The band style has two smoothly slanted sides that meet at a point which creates a beautiful and classic look.

The knife edge design is also referred to as the Tiffany Setting as they were the first to develop this unique style in 1886. Before then diamonds were always set into the band (bezel setting) and this was the first design which elevated it to expose more of the diamond and with it, more shine. With this setting the diamond is almost always set into a four or six claw setting.

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How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring Style For Your Finger Shape

When you start to try on rings you will soon realise that what looks good in the display cabinet might not look quite as good on your finger. We tend to say that choosing a ring for your finger is similar to choosing the right dress for your figure and it might take a while to find out what suits you best. Here is our guide to finding the perfect engagement ring style for you:

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